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Hey, I'm Yuki.

The reason why I want to be a designer is actually related to a story.


2017 / 07/ 12

Granny has been passed away for 12 years.​

I remember the last time I went back hometown before she died, her consciousness was still relatively clear. People around her said that she often couldn't memorize the way back to home. At that time I was too young and I had never thought she would leave me. Other relatives always said that she could live longer because she was in a pretty healthy condition.


But the next summer, she disappeared. It didn't take long before knowing the news of her death.

Now people became increasingly care about this disease. There are also many people advocating that we should not call it senile dementia (literal translation in Chinese)

Sure, just due to its literal translation, Alzheimer's used to be a joke among many children. I'm unwilling to use these words to describe my grandma. Is it a matter of lack of respect and understanding for those people who are suffering from such a condition.


I really care about this issue, but can't do anything. 


But one day, a teacher told me that though the design itself couldn't change anything of those patients, we could use it as a tool in educating the public to be aware of their real situation. He designed a simulator headset. Just by wearing it, people can feel like being Alzheimer's patients both visually and acoustically.


His design inspired me greatly. Design maybe can't change the whole world around us, but it can change a group of people by refreshing their attitude. And it could be combined with technolgy and truly make more sense. The power of design can not be underestimated.