Project name: Food Cooking Management System for Family

Type: Mobile UI, Service 

Timeline: Dec. 2016 - May. 2017

Skills: User Research, Branding, UI, UX

「 Background Research 」

A survey of eating habits in nearly 190 countries shows that today, while there are more healthy diets such as fruits and vegetables available than ever before, people around the world are still eager for junk food.

Experts found that although people started to eat more healthy foods such as whole grains and fish, the increase in junk food intake was even more pronounced.

Eating unhealthily results in a series of health problems. Such as obesity and cardiovascular disease, pancreatitis, stones, neurasthenia and so on a series of problems.


So, how to eat healthily?

Daily Intake of All Types of Food


The Proportion of Each Meal


Under normal circumstances, the nutrition needs of a day, should be equally among the three meals. Each meal intake of calories should account for about 1/3 of the total calories, but lunch should not only add the calories consumed in the morning, but also for afternoon work, learning to provide energy, you can more. So, three meals a day of heat, breakfast should account for 25-30%, lunch 40%, dinner 30-35%.


Basic Nutrient Intake

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Cook And Storage

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Temperature for Food Storage

Refrigerator has become a must for modern families, but how to properly use the refrigerator to save food? 

First of all, the storage temperature range of different ingredients is different, not to say that all the ingredients indistinguishable from the brain in the refrigerator can be stored in accordance with the storage temperature of the ingredients stored in different temperature control of the refrigerator in order to maintain the ingredients’ freshness and nutritious. Second, using refrigerator in a wrong way will make it become a breeding ground for bacteria, contaminated ingredients. Only using it in correct storage methods could maintain the health and freshness of refrigerator ingredients.

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「 Related Products Analysis​ 」

 Since people become increasingly care about eating, there are so many apps about health on the market. Here's the analysis of some products in the market and the analysis of function comparison.

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「 User Research - Survey 」
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「 User Research - Interview 」
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「 Problems 」
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「 Wireframes 」
「 UI Design 」
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「 Refrigerator Design 」
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「 User Scenario 」
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