「 Background 」

Project name: IKEA instore app redesign

Type: Mobile UI, UX, Service, Product

Timeline: Jan. 2020 - Mar. 2020

Skills: Informational research,Experiential research, Rapid Prototyping, UI, UX

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「 Research 」
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「 Personas 」
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「 Customer Journey Map 」
「 Low-fi Prototype 」

Welcome page:

1. user can sign in / register / continue as guest

2. for sign in, I made it entirely inside of the app rather than opening a new webpage. There are two choices as IKEA defined: join IKEA & Join IKEA family


Home page:

1. see the nearest IKEA store

2. if you are in store, you can click "currently in store" to see the floor plan. You can also see your current location in store if you want to get to certain department

3. redesign the homepage, fix the logic:

to better showcase new products, IKEA services and idea book

Shop page:

1. declutter the product categories

2. redesign the products' overview page, users can filter / sort products, see the rating, and product labels

3. redesign the product info page. Add online availability. Users can choose add to cart for online shopping or add to list for instore shopping plan


Idea List:

1. Create list for:

-pre-organize your rooms in your mind

-instore purchase plan

2. you can also move the products from shopping list to shopping cart


1. users can add IKEA card to apple/google wallet

2. get customer support

「 Hi-fi Interfaces 」
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