「 Background 」

Project name: Liftoff PGH 2020 Conference Tool Design

Type: Mobile UI, Service, Product

Timeline: Sep. 2019 - Dec. 2019

Skills: User Research, Related Products Research, Prototyping, UI, UX

Liftoff PGH 2020 is both an event and ongoing process for launching our region into a new space beyond the current frontiers of health care.

5 Themes of Liftoff PGH 2020

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「 Target Audience 」

-1000 people

-Varied people, different knowledge base/ age groups (college, CEO, people working in hospitals like doctors & nurses, people working on management of hospital, government, insurance company, stakeholder groups, start-up companies)

「 Interview Insights 」
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「 Personas 」
「 Design Purpose 」

Networking  & socialize-facilitate conversation (find the theme)

Enhance awareness of future healthcare

Find their interest

Fun experience

Gather feedback from attendees

「 Journey Map 」
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「 Wireframes 」
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「 Hi-fi Interfaces 」