© 2019 by Yuki Cheng

Project name: Stop Bullying

Type: Installation Mockup

Timeline: Oct. 2017 - Dec. 2017

Skills: Storyboarding, UX

「 What is Bullying 」
「 Pattern of Manifestation 」
「 Impact 」
「 Cases 」
「 My Story 」

Let me talk about a story that I personally experienced. When I was a kid I was a very strong kid. Maybe because of family reasons, I was more irritable when I was young. This irritable manifestation in kindergarten is to bully the gentle children. There is a young boy from infancy, temperament and some inferiority. I always bully him. His ears on the memory often I severely pinch off the bloodstain left behind, scarred. But then I did not have too much consciousness about this behavior.


Retribution is that, due to my irritability, other children no longer love to play with me. Children around me begin to hate me slowly. Once again been maliciously planted.

And then again because of the perpetual experience of the perpetrator to the victim, I gradually began to realize the seriousness of this behavior.

The formation of the entire bully requires bullying, followers, victims are indispensable. And it seems to me that every one of these characters seems to have experienced it.

「 My Friends 」
「 Concept & Storyboard」
「 Props 」
「 Scene Mockup 」
「 Stage Photo 」